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Hello, Myself Danish Malik, Professionally known as Digital Danish. I am a Digital Media Marketer helping clients achieve their goals through my skills. 

Mainly know as : 

  • Social Media Strategist
  • Dropshipping (Shopify)
  • Business Consultant
  • YouTuber (Digital Marketing Teacher)


A Take into my Journey

Starting from the basics, completed my in year 2008

Came back to Studies and Completed MBA in Finance & International

Mastered every single Digital Marketing skill right from Facebook Marketing, SEO & each of the Digital Marketing skills to perfection.

Helped Thousands of people with my Digital Marketing Skills. Either a small or large scale business, I have helped tons of businesses achieve their targets.

Right in the Year 2016. entered Dropshipping business and still helping companies make their store and gain terrific Profits

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Who is Digital Danish?

Digital Danish, MBA Graduate Turned Digital Marketer is ranked among the top-class Digital Marketers of India. He Learns Digital Marketing from his Guru and elder Brother (Monis Malik). He has helped plenty of medium to large scale businesses achieve their Online Goals.

What is Digital Danish Qualification?

Digital Danish passed his 12th Class in year 2005. After which, he completed B.COM in Year 2008. Took a Break for 2 Years from Studies and then worked in multi-national companies. He then completed his MBA in Finance and Internatiional business. 

Which Digital Marketing Services Digital Danish offers?

Digital Danish is an expert in offering numerous Digital Marketing Services. Spanning from Facebook Marketing, SEO, SEM, Dropshipping, Digital Danish is an expert in each of the above services. 

What is Digital Danish Religion?

Digital Danish is a Muslim but believes in Equality towards every single religion. 

What are Digital Danish Hobbies?

Digital Danish Loves:

  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Badminton
What is Digital Danish Expert in?

Digital Danish is an expert in almost every single Digital Marketing service. On a precise note, some of his Key Expertise lies in Facebook Ads, Video editing, Dropshipping & Graphic Designing

What is Digital Danish Mobile No?

Digital Danish Business Mobile No is: +91 81783 89424

What are different Skills of Digital Danish?

Digital Danish has expertise in the following Skills:

  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Ecommerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Branding Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Online Sales
  • Video Production & Marketing
  • High Ticket Sales Tricks
  • And Many More…
Why Digital Danish is the Best of all Digital Marketer?

Digital Danish has been in the Digital Marketing industry for over 8 years and by now, he has learned almost everything related to Digital Marketing. 

Continuously, Danish works on his skills and for him, Customer Satisfaction has been the top Class priority. 

What is the name of Digital Danish YouTube Channel?

Currently, there is one YouTube Channel of Digital Danish which is as follows:


  • Digital Danish
What are Digital Danish Future Plans

Right now, Digital Danish is on a mission to help 50,000 people build their own business and become an entrepreneur of their life. This is a smaller contribution but will bring a massive impact on the Indian economy

What makes Digital Danish different from other Digital Marketers

Check out Digital Danish Playlist which contains some of the best videos. This will clearly let you know, why is is different from the rest. 

What is Digital Danish Height?

Digital Danish Height is 5 ft 7  Inches. 

What is the weight of Digital Danish?

Digital Danish weight varies around 76 kg. 

Who Runs Digital Danish YouTube Channel?

Digital Danish YouTube Channel is Run by Digital Danish itself

What is Digital Danish Full Name?

Digital Danish Full Name is Danish Malik Warsi

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