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Consultation Topics

A small consultation on these topics will save you so much time and money.

Facebook Ads

I will explain how to target interest and create ads that get the most results for the least cost

Shopify Store

I will explain you how to create a professional, trustworthy, and high-converting Shopify store.

Digital Marketing

I will describe how digital marketers do and archive big results in digital marketing.


This course mainly focused on Dropshipping business and under this course clearly introduce step by step how to run dropshipping business the right way .

Social Media Growth

I’ll tell you how to grow your social media platform within a month and what type of posts get the most views and likes

Print On Demand

you will learn the entirety of how to set up a print-on-demand store from scratch. You will also learn how to upload products, customize your store and sell your products.


Why My consulting?

Shopify stores, Facebook ads, and winning products are goals for everyone but the reality is that they spend a lot of time and money, don’t see any results, and then simply give up.

Why do people give up so easily?

Well, the exact reason is that they already wasted their money as well as their time and don’t want to spend any more money. With proper guidance of running Facebook ads, creating Shopify stores, and finding winning products you will succeed and of course it will save you money as well as time.
I’ll give 45 min consultation on any topics, such as Facebook ads, Shopify stores, digital marketing, how to grow your business online, etc. Schedule your appointment now and I’ll call you back. 


Are you ready to grow your business to new levels through the Internet? Check out the stats on our performance and take a look at testimonials.


After spending a lot of money on Facebook ads without any results, I contacted Danish and he guided me as well as helped me create attractive ad copy, now I earn a lot of money using my Facebook ads thanks alot Danish sir.


Danish sir showed me some strategies on how to get clients after 45 minutes of consulting i followed those steps and I actually got clients for my business. I was really impressed with Danish sir.


Danish sir guided me on creating Shopify stores and helped me a lot with the process. I’ll definitely recommend this to all my friends now I’m happy with the result now


For my social media page growth, I called Danish Sir. He told me how Instagram algorithm works and what factors are the most important to engagement. Today, I have 15k followers on my page and my page is growing organically every single day.


After i spent nearly 15k on Facebook ads, my friend recommended Danish Sir consulting call. Danish Sir guided me very well and explained to me some very important targeting options for my business. After following Danish Sir’s strategy, I got more than 22 conversions.

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