In the last lesson, I have given you some tasks to do by yourself if you remember I ask you to find 20 products by the techniques we have learned till now. I am sure that you have done your work. I am sure that you have found the twenty products using Amazon, Flipkart, Shanpdeal,, and google trends.

Now you have finalized 20 product ideas and collected it in your spreadsheet now I am going to show you that how to narrow down that list of 20 product ideas into 5 products that you are going to sell on your dropshipping store.

The easiest way to do this is to add 3 narrowing criteria columns to the product spreadsheet and I will show you how to exactly do that the first column you are going to put on your list to narrow down your products list ideas into 5 product ideas is to put criteria PASSION. In this case, you are going to put the column passion for the product that you are going to sell.

Generally speaking, if you are passionate about the product you are going to be much better at selling Because of this passion you know what problems that product is going to solve why that product stands out and the most important thing because you are passionate about that specific product you know the reason about your passion for this product and you selling this product by showing the world the same thing that you are feeling about the product.

As you are going to selling products on you dropshipping store in the starting phase things are going to be challenging and you are going to face a lot of problems but because you are passionate about those products you will face all the challenges easily and you will convert that challenges into opportunities and that passion about the product will keep you always motivated and to be successful, motivation is the most important factor.

So two narrow down your product ideas list into 5 you have to put yes or no in the passion column and by doing this practice you will easily narrow down your products list.

Later on, in this course, you are going to advertise your products on Facebook, if any of the products you have selected, violating the sales policies of Facebook you will face the trouble of adverting your product on Facebook because Facebook has very strict policies about what you can advertise and what you cannot advertise on the platform.

For example, you cannot sell weapons, tobacco, Drug pharmaceutical, counterfeit item, and so on. By using common sense, you can understand that you cannot advertise weapons to sell on any of the social media platforms.

So in your spreadsheet make another column to check that your products are complying with the Facebook advertising policies or not. These practices will also help you to narrow down your products list.

Let’s talk about high-risk products. When I talk about high-risk products that means the product which can potentially cause harm to the customers. Primarily it falls under two category 1) Makeup and Skin-care products. 2) Accessories and toys for very young children. There is a small chance but there is a change that makeup and skincare items can make damage to the skin of the customers same for the accessories and toys for young children can harm a child.

Anything that can create damage to your customers, they will not go the supplier, they will come directly to you and no one want to take that risk. It is easy to avoid this problem by avoiding high-risk products in the first place. So in your spreadsheet create a column to put those products which are safe.

So till this time, I am sure you have eliminated the number of products from your list. Now what you have to do is to take a look at the remaining products are there any trends, category that these products belong to, if so you are starting to see the niche of your store taking a shape.

Maybe you will see one of our two niche patterns taking a shape here. So the final call is yours, you have to decide on which niche you have to start working on and which one you have to eliminate.

Here the same rules apply if you are passionate about any specific niche and its falls under your spread-sheet or you buy online or offline these products and you have a good knowledge of these products, you are on the way to finalize your niche? CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Now if you have reaming less than five products on your spreadsheet, you can go back to that brainstorming phase again to select more products.

When you have 5 products you want to sell on your niche store come to our next blog, I will show you a wonderful website Ali Express and I will show you the power of Ali Express. Till then goodbye. Have a great day ahead.