Now you know the five criteria for winning products, now we are going to brainstorm 20 product ideas.  Do not worry you are not going to put all 20 products in your store.

What we are going to do here I just going to generate a lot of Ideas here on the table. Once you have that Idea I walk you through to narrow that list to 5 products that will look great on your online store. The place that you want to look for those product ideas are e-commerces websites.

Think of places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and are great places to look for ideas are the bestseller lists on these websites. Because these websites have a massive amount of data that is selling well and you can use that data for your product ideas.

Now you will raise a question that why I am going to visits these websites because I am not competing with them. Again you are looking for some products that fit that criteria you are looking for an idea that helps you to redefine your products. when you will know that what is selling well then only you can understand what kind of products you can sell on your niche store and how to make advertisements for these products to sell them on your dropshipping eCommerce store.

So here I am going to show you how to find the list of the bestselling products on amazon. The easiest way to find amazon’s best seller list is to google them with the keywords like amazon best seller list, best seller products on amazon, best products on amazon. Amazon’s bestselling products.

There are some of the keywords that will take you to the Amazon bestseller list. The Amazon bestseller list is updating hourly which is great because you are getting the most up-to-date data about what customers want and this list is also broken down by category. There is a long list of categories on the amazon bestseller page.

I recommend you browse the list of products that you are familiar with. So if you shop for a certain category I suggest you go through that list. Let’s say that you buy automotive accessories, click that category, and see that what are the best sellers there. I recommend that tactics as a car enthusiastic, you can tell that which are the products can solve the problems related to the car. You are also able to tell which of the products on the list you have already seen in the stores and as you find the product that solves most of your problem add them to your list of products on the spreadsheet.

Now that the products you have finalized on your list you have to match them with 5 criteria to find a winning product that you have learned in the previous chapter. And you can narrow down the list to up to 20 products.

No, I suggest you not to sell brand name products on your dropshipping website, you cannot legally sell brand named products on your website without the consent of the brand manufacture or distributor.

The same goes with the products with trademarks, registered products, Netflix show, famous books all of those to sell on your website make you do a lot of other things so to start your product selling process quickly I suggest you to not be involved in these activates when you are starting your business.

Let me show you the other place for product ideas. I am going to show you the website called, It is another website just like amazon it is also a great website to work on your product ideas.

Now you just have to open the listen of products that you have selected from the amazon website and take one or more keys words from that list and you have to search those keywords on the wish website and you will get some more new products on Then again you have to follow the same process you have to look if any of the products are matching the 5 criteria to find a winning product.

Right now I want to show you one another cool way to find product ideas you have to go to the website called google trends ( this website is really awesome I really invest my lot of timing searching trends on it and it gives you great competitive insights.  Google trends show you search volume trends over time for a given search term in a given geographic. So for example, if I search a keyword car storage on google trends it will show me the results that let me know how many people are searching for car storage in India in past months this is really awesome stuff. What I want to do here to scowl down and I want to look at the section showing related search keywords and this is the section where you will get product Ideas.

Now that you have a few ways to brainstorm go and start doing your research. In starting I encourage you to go and research a lot of different categories it will give you the insight to understand the emerging trends and market and you can plan your products accordingly.

And I again ask you to work on the products or ideas you are familiar with if you like cycling search products for cycling if you like cooking generate products and Ideas which are relating to this. As you have the knowledge of your interested field it will give you great help to finalizing your products.

So your home working to generate 20 product ideas using the tactics we have gone through till now.  After doing that join me in the next chapter where I will tell you how to narrow down that list to five products that you are going to sell on your dropshipping e-commerce store.