First of all, I really congratulate you to be with us on the journey of modern-day learn and early.

Here I am going to clear your concept of Dropshipping,

  1. That how do dropshipping works?
  2. What are the differences between an eCommerce and dropshipping?
  3. What are the positive sides of dropshipping?
  4. what you really need to build your dropshipping businesses in the long term?
  5. Are you going to be a millionaire by using the dropshipping business model?


1. Dropshipping Is just like to be a mediator between a supplier and a customer. You have to find the right product for your customer and you have to find the right supplier for products that you have finalized and then you have to work between them as a bridge. Sounds Good, but it is not that easy you really have to do hard work in the right direction to bright all this together to generate a process and bring back value to you in terms of wealth creation.


2. E-Commerce is just like a shop where the business owner has products and customers visit the shop to by the products that shop has, but in this course, you going to make an e-commerce store using the dropshipping business model. So an e-commerce store is any store that sells something online.

You can take an example of,, and many more they are big companies that are selling products online and they have big advertising mechanisms that help them to grow on that scale. And you are also going to build an e-commerce store in this course. Now you can understand the scope of your business and it is true that you can earn in millions if you have that mindset for your business. And here I am going to teach you how to make your dropshipping business big enough to live a life that you always dream of.

Dropshipping is the easiest way to launch an E-commerce store without investing a ton of money into your E-commerce business. It means it is easy to start an E-commerce business using the dropshipping concept but that does not mean it is so easy to start with, you have to learn a lot and invest your time in a process to understand the dropshipping concept and you also have to learn how to use the tools to build up your online store.


3.Dropshipping is free from packaging-related issues. For sure you have to care about your packaging but you do not have to do it by yourself. You have to give clear instructions to your supplier or you have to find a good supplier. And finding a good supplier is enough if you have a good supplier you are in a win-win situation. It will take care of all your concern related to deliveries. You just have to use the right tools to monitor your deliveries. In this course, we will tell you how to find a good Indian supplier because we are going to develop our store for Indian consumers.


In dropshipping you do not need to buy a ton of products to start your e-commerce business you only by what you have already sold on your dropshipping e-commerce platform but it is up to you that how you sell your products from your E-commerce website the more your sale the more you buy and the more you earn.

You just have to find the right products for your consumers, you have to put the details of these products on your E-commerce store, and when your customer by the product after that you have to order that product from your supplier and ship it directly to your customer.

There is no issue related to inventory management in dropshipping and you do not need to buy a big space to manage your inventory which means you are going to save a lot of money. This money will help you further grow your online store.


4.Dropshipping is a real business and it is done by many entrepreneurs but the question is how to make it run successfully in a long term. To start and to be successful in any business you have to keep patience and you have to do hard work in starting. Yes, you can automate this business, earn millions but it is not that much easy. You have to put your soul into your business and do a lot of research and hard work to make it successful.


5. It’s leading to our last question can we be a millionaire. There are many online Gurus that claim to be a multi-millionaire using this dropshipping business model and in many cases, it is also true.

We have to understand that everyone cannot be successful for this I have to give you the right example: From Ambani Brothers, we can understand it, Anil Ambani started reliance communication and today there is no Reliance communication and his brother Mukesh Ambani started Gio with the right business mindset and today there is only Gio in the market.

So you can be successful but you should have the right business sense to start your Dropshipping business and I will teach you how to be that one.

Stay tuned with me in this course and I will tell you my secret recipe. Till then stay connected.